If you are like me, you are probably writing because it’s your passion. But let’s be honest, making a lot of money doing what you love is a bonus. So far most of my tips were regarding novels, but I recently saw one very interesting challenge. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I thought it was worth a try. It’s called DWS Method and it basically goes like this:

The idea is writing 50 short stories in one year. You should write five days a week and you only have two weeks off during that year. According to this challenge, your stories should be about 5,000 words each and the price should be $2,99.

Now, I love this idea, but in my humble opinion, $2,99 for 5,000 words is just too much. I cannot imagine pulling that off. No disrespect, I believe that the author of this idea is far more successful than I am, and if you like the original idea, please do not hesitate and go for it! I’m sure a lot of people can do it. However, I’ve been tweaking this concept to make it more suitable for me. Because the chances are if you don’t believe you can do it – you probably won’t! I had to make it achievable in my head. If you believe it, it will happen. That is why my plan will include writing 50 stories and charging $2,99 for 7,000-15,000 words instead of 5,000. I will probably make some changes along the way, but I will tell you all about it as it happens.

I am not writing short stories and I will be a beginner in this challenge. I will also probably use new pen names, which means no previous audience. I will start at the bottom and test it out. This page will become my diary and I will show you my progress every month. In the beginning, there will be little to no profit at all, maybe even for several months, but I will not be discouraged. This diary will help me not give up when it gets difficult and it will also show you my results, mistakes, and advice. I will be completely honest even if it’s embarrassing, I promise! So let’s start.

My plan includes:

  • writing 50 stories (January 2018 – January 2019)
  • charging $2,99 for 7,000-15000 words
  • writing updates here every month (earnings, mistakes, a number of published stories per month, tips …)
  • writing different genres under different pen names
  • giving away some books for free


Wish me luck my friends and join me on my journey!