Websites for reviews

This is not a guarantee for success by any means. But do not skip this part! You can get some reviews which will be valuable for your future sales. This is the list of websites where you might get some reviews:


The Kindle Book Review

Reviewsbee collects expert and consumer reviews on products from various categories and creates the list of top 10. Their research is unbiased and their algorithm has 5 factors: expert popularity score, expert ratings, consumer popularity score, consumer ratings and consumer complaints.

Kindle Obsessed

Foreword Reviews

Alice Marvels

I Love YA Fiction

iPen Designs

Midwest Book Review

Reader’s Favorite


Book Pleasures

Uncustomary Book Reviews


Rainbow Book Reviews


Getting reviews will help you sell your book more, but some of these blogs will maybe ignore your request. Others will accept it. But it;s your job to submit it everywhere.


Another trick: If you want to contact top 10,000 reviewers directly, visit this website:

You will want to offer your book to those top reviewers (for free, of course) and maybe you can get them to review your book as well. But there is no guarantee.



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