eBook marketing on Twitter

Just add these to your tweets about your book.




































You get the point… The list goes on. These are just suggestions, but you can also type some keyword, such as “kindle”, “Amazon”, “ebook”… And choose whatever you see fit. There are limitations, so you would not be able to do this all at once.



And here are some hashtags you should add:

#Amazon #eBook #BookBuzzr #BookGiveaway #BookMarketing #Kindle #KindleBargain #KPD #WLCFreeToday #FreeKindleReads3 #free #kindle #free #ebook


This way, others will see your tweets about your books and there is a good chance some people will buy your book because of that. With social media comes great power.

Also, make sure to add the title, cover picture and the link to your book. People are lazy, they will definitely not google your title and try to find it themselves.


This is one example:


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