If you have done all of the previous steps- congratulations! You made it. You book is finally published. It was a long road, but you didn’t give up. You should be proud of yourself. But, as you already know, publishing a book means absolutely nothing if no one wants to read it. It could be the best book that ever existed and it could still be unsuccessful. This is where the marketing comes in. Maybe you didn’t quite understand why I started from making a blog, but I hope that you do know. By now, your blog should be more visible to your potential readers. You invested a lot of time and energy on building your small empire and now it will start to pay off.

You can talk about your book on your blog, offer it for free to your subscribers on the days Amazon allows you to give it away, post some impressive quotes on social media you signed up for… The possibilities are endless.

You can also have a little friendly push from our behalf. We can promote your eBook for free, just click here and fill out a form. We would be glad to promote your eBook on our blog. And it’s for free!


When it comes to selling the book, it could be really overwhelming. But do not worry! We Will show you proven tips that work, and also some helpful shortcuts. Just follow these steps, and click on every link so you can open the desired post. Friendly advice – don’t skip anything. All of these techniques are 100% free!

  1. Marketing on Facebook
  2. Marketing on Twitter
  3. Marketing on Instagram
  4. Marketing on blogs/websites
  5. Blogs for reviews

The first time you do this will require some time. For example, you will have to sign up to many blogs before you submit, you will have to join many Facebook pages and wait for their approval. Also, you will have to do some time consuming and boring steps which will save you a lot of time in the long run. So be patient, it gets easier and much faster with time.

Please subscribe. Thank you for the support!




2 thoughts on “Marketing

  1. I have been selling free Ebooks with resell rights on sellfy through social media for many years with moderate success and have recently published my first book. I stumbled upon this blog and am more than pleased with the marketing and traffic strategies you have shown me to apply to my efforts as I have added them to my social media strategies outlined on my website and would like to thank you heaps 🙂 Great post!!

    Jeff Goodman


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