Publishing on Amazon

Okay, so before publishing your book on Amazon, you will need to create  your account on Amazon. If you open this page, you would see the official Amazon page with some topics on the left side. I would suggest starting from the beginning and opening every link up until the last one. This is very important! It will take some time to go through everything and finish that editing and publishing process, but you kind of have to go through that by yourself. But hey, at least you have everything written down in yet another step by step program. I would not recommend searching for information anywhere else but on Amazon. It can be misleading because some blog posts are old and useless. The rules on Amazon change, so look only for current official information directly on Amazon.

I know, I am not so helpful with this post, but it needed to be said because a lot of new authors make that mistake. And the best way to learn is from other people’s mistakes. This step will take some time, and I find it the most boring part of the process. However, it’s doable. Just be careful not to skip anything. Your success depends on this.


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