Buildig the story


Okay, there are few things I would like to tell you about now that we covered the basics and the correct structure. So far you know all there is to know about your characters, you probably have some scenes written down already. If you haven’s started thinking about the scenes yet, no problem. Now is the time to do that.

This is very important part of this process. Breaking the story into chapters will make your readers come back after they make a break. It will also make them keep reading until the finish that chapter. And here is the trick. You should never have a blunt end of the chapter. It has to leave them wanting more. Imagine this tactic as if you have a small story culmination at the end of every chapter. And you will also have the “big picture culmination” of the story, which we covered in the previous post. Another reason for breaking the story into chapters is because you want to make it clean. Imagine reading a book with no separate chapters. It’s like constantly talking without making a break. It’s annoying and it wears off very fast.
After understanding the reasons for doing this step, it’s time for actually do it. And this is how. You know your characters, now think about their actions. What they are capable of. Think about the type of your book. If it’s a romantic novel, start thinking about the most romantic situations imaginable. Then think about the most heartbreaking things that could happen. Think over the top, you can tone it down later. You get the point.
First, think about your story. Write down your entire book in few sentences (not more than 5-6). Now, break it into chapters. You will no longer have one big chunk, but rather smaller chunks. This is still not enough. Now go chapter by chapter. Make a few lines with the most important things that will happen in each chapter. Then think about it. This is the creative process, not the creative moment. God knows that I’ve been changing my ideas to the point where nothing was the same like in the beginning. Do not rush it. You have to be completely satisfied and confident in every single part of that structure before you start writing the actual book. It will be very difficult to change your mind in the middle of your story and then coming back and rewriting. In that case, people usually become overwhelmed and frustrated and just stop writing in general. Take your time, take a few days or a few months. It depends on your inspiration at the given moment. You should think about it constantly, and always have your notebook near you because the inspiration strikes in some weird places. You should be into it as much as possible. It will open the door to your creativity. I remember dreaming my characters and then waking up just to write down what they did in my dream. And those were some great ideas, to be honest. The point of this story is that you should think about it all the time, let it get into your head. Start feeling the way your characters feel in those situations.

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    • Dear Kristi, thank you for asking that question. Yes, you should ask them for permission, especially if you are using their name or YouTube account name… Basically anything that is connected with them. If you don’t do this, they may sue you. On the other hand, if you ask them politely for a permission, they will probably be honored and they will let you do that. I assume they will want to preview it before you publish it. But if everything is okay, I am sure there will be no problem. One more tip: Keep those emails, or any other form of communication as a proof. Good luck! 🙂


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