How to start a blog-basics

Okay, you may ask why is this important and why is it the first step. Well here is the thing, you have to start your marketing before you even start writing. If you wait for your eBook to be finished, it will be too late and it will probably not be a huge success. You can start a blog about writing like I have. If your plan is writing a self-help book about losing weight, maybe you should start a blog about diet and exercises. This way you will have some audience before even publishing (which is a lot better than having a zero audience, don’t you think?). Then add some social media followers to that mix and you will have a nice starting point.

So here is what you should do.

First, you should start your blog. I would recommend WordPress platform. If you have no money right now to buy a domain, do not worry. You can start using a free domain, and you can invest a little bit of money later because you will need some options later which are not included in option “free”. You should carefully choose your address. It can be your name or some phrases connected with the content of your blog/eBook. After that, you should choose the theme. There is no wrong option, choose whatever you want.

Here comes the fun part. On the left side, you can see some options. Go to the bottom and click on WP Admin. You have some settings to do. Go crazy! Change the title of your site, add some catchy tagline under your title. Choose some colors, test some settings,add/remove some widgets… Every blog is different, make it personal. Also, learning all the options at the beginning will help you a lot. But if you don’t have the time, you can just change the title and add some tagline.

Make your homepage. See, I wanted my page to summarize my entire blog and have the list of contents. My content is actually the list of my post titles and those titles are connected to the actual posts. You see, if you click on the title, it will open the post with that name. That way my blog is clean and you can easily follow the steps. Also, after I finish one post, I will also add the title for the next step. All you should do is click on that next step. This way you don’t have to go to the homepage in order to choose the next step.
First, you should write what you want on your homepage. After that, you should just write the content, or post titles one below the other. You can do it like this:

STEP ONE: add the title of your first step/title
STEP TWO: add the title of your second step/title…

Save it.
Now go to the dashboard again and make a new post. The title should be the same as step one (STEP ONE: add the title of your first step/title). The title is done. Now write whatever you want below. This will be your first post. Congratulations! 🙂 Publish it. Now you have one post and your home page. The next step is connecting the titles from the homepage to the actual posts. Open the post as well as the homepage, in their editing forms. Open the post and you will find the option GET SHORTLINK. Copy that and then go to the page. Select the title that you want to connect to the post and then click on the icon INSERT/EDIT LINK. You should add your link and in the slide bar, you will find the options home. Click on options. A Popup box will open. First, you will add the link again, then you will type the title again, and finally you can choose the option whether or not you want to open that post in another tab.

Repeat the same thing in the nest title/post.

That is all you should know for now. We will add some fancy stuff later. After you make a good content on your blog, you can start thinking about SEO, getting traffic to your blog and making your blog look more professional. I would recommend this site for those purposes because it really helped me understand blogging. But for now, I would suggest skipping that part and focusing on what’s more important in the beginning, and that’s making a good content.

Your first step is done! But make no mistake, you have to work on your blog, and post something new and valuable all the time in order to attract some people. So, while you are moving on to the next step, continue making your blog better and better every day.

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